Firearms Transfers & Repairs since 1988

Pistol Competition

  • San Diego FFL (Federal Fireams License holder)
  • Fast, Reliable Service
  • Experienced Guidance Through Process
  • Thousands Of Transfers Fulfilled
  • Local San Diego Firearms Shipping Point
  • General Gun Repairs & Accurizing

The leading San Diego FFL, Gussler’s was established in 1988 and expanded in 2005 to include gun shows and internet transfers.

At the local gun shows we continue to prove ourselves as San Diego’s FFL/transfer dealer for private party transfers and a place for out of area dealers to transfer guns to and for local residents to start and complete federal and state mandated background checks and appropriate paperwork.

Thousands of transfers later, our clients know they can count on us to guide them through the process of purchasing or selling a firearm.

San Diego Gun Show Customers Count On Gusslers

Gussler’s has become a household name in San Diego’s FFL firearm transfer community and we would like to thank you, our customers, for allowing us to provide you with fast service and a local shipping point for firearms, which is why Gussler’s is becoming the best online firearms transfer dealer in San Diego County!!!

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