Firearm TransfersPrices:

  • FFL transfer:
  • DROS (Dealers Record of Sale/Background Check):
  • + Use/Sales tax of purchase price of firearms/accessories

Purchasing Firearms from a Person or Dealer outside of California or inside of California:

When you purchase a firearm from a retailer or private party you will be required to send them money in the form of check, money order, or credit card to complete the transaction. They will have to ship the gun to a Federal Firearms Dealer to transfer the gun into your possession. The Federal Firearms Dealer will have to email, fax or mail a copy of the Federal Firearms License to the shipping dealer before they will ship the gun. For private parties they can validate the receiving Federal Firearms license dealer by entering my license number (9-33-34209) into the ATF FFL check web site. This information can be used to ship the firearm.

If you are purchasing the gun from a private individual and it is merely being shipped by a dealer, sales tax will not be collected if the private party seller will include a copy of the sales receipt showing the purchase price, the model of the firearm with serial number, a statement that he is selling the gun to you, that he is not a dealer, and listing his name and address.

Purchased from a private person:

  1. Seller must provide a copy of their Drivers License or ID card that includes a valid address along with the firearm. This is because the Federal bound book requires a name and address of the seller.
  2. If shipped through a dealer then the seller must include a copy of their Drivers License or ID card that includes a valid address and a letter stating that they have contracted the dealer to ship the firearm for them.
  3. Curio & Relics collectors are considered private persons.
  4. Firearm must be CA legal.

Purchased from a Dealer:

  1. If the firearm is from another FFL please ensure they that FFL obtains a shipping approval for the firearm being shipped in. DOJ CFLC Program. Firearms sent without this number cannot be transferred until it’s resolved. If the firearm has to be shipped back then the cost of return shipping will be the buyers responsibility.
  2. Firearm must be CA legal
  3. Curio & Relics licenses (03) are not considered Dealers and do not need to obtain a Shipping Approval.

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